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Why Is A Permeable Driveway So Important?

Why Is A Permeable Driveway So Important? - YRC Trade Resin

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Before we answer the question above, let us first remember why a driveway is important in general. The purpose a driveway serves is pivotal to the home and its occupants. Whether it’s housing a vehicle or if it’s a pathway to the property itself, a driveway can often be underestimated in terms of purpose and usefulness.

But beneath the surface, driveway aggregates go a long way to determining the strength and longevity of the path. So with so many purposes to serve, let’s see what a permeable driveway can offer homeowners across the country.

Pathways Need to Breathe

Believe it or not, as much as we humans need circulation and fresh air, driveways need the same level of exposure to oxygen. By having a permeable surface, you’re allowing warm and cold air to travel through the surface, rather than congregate at the top layer. Without adequate ventilation, driveways can freeze over or overheat, depending on the weather.

This can lead to unsafe environments for both vehicles and pedestrians, not to mention causing aesthetic damage to the surface, like cracking. The surface can also bow under pressure, especially if you drive large heavy-duty vehicles!

Freeze the Risk of Ice

Now that the ridiculously sunny weather seems behind us and normal service is due to resume, the subject of rain returns to our repertoire of conversation topics. During these common weather conditions, a permeable driveway can become your best friend. Should water just sit on the surface with inadequate drainage, puddles will inevitably form. Again, thinking from a safety perspective, your driveway could become slippery, especially for pedestrians.

With the correct resin bound aggregates you can eliminate this problem. Allow rainwater to drain through, minimising the amount of puddles that accumulate on your driveway. If not, especially during times of extreme cold, these puddles can turn to ice patches, which only heightens the danger.

Don’t leave the safety of people and vehicles in the hands of chance and luck, put a stop to it with the right driveway aggregates.

Concrete bad, Resin Bound Aggregates Good!

In layman terms, this is as simple as we can put it. Surfaces such as concrete can create a plethora of problems, but resin bound aggregates can improve your lives threefold. The aesthetics of the driveway improves, its longevity increases, and all danger is minimised. All in all, a permeable driveway is a smart investment indeed!

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