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Why Choose Royal Grass?

Why Choose Royal Grass? - YRC Trade Resin

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We here at YRC Trade Resin are one of only a handful of selected retailers in the UK who offer the market-leading product in artificial grass, namely Royal Grass. Royal Grass is a premium brand of artificial grass that differs from other brands of artificial grass in two key areas, design and colouring. Read on for more information…

V-Shaped Design

Royal Grass is composed of hundreds of V-shaped artificial fibres which rest and fall in a similar fashion to the way that real grass rests and falls. These fibres are soft enough to successfully mimic natural grass (they are not flat and rigid like the majority of other brands of artificial grass), but also strong enough to remain durable for many years to come.

One of the giveaways of other brands of artificial grass is the way in which the grass rests at a uniform level; it almost looks too perfect, as well as obviously artificial and tacky. By incorporating a unique V-shaped stranding into it manufacturing process, Royal Grass is able to convey the elegance with which natural grass rests and falls.


The colouring of Royal Grass is unique amongst other brands of artificial grass that are on the market. Even by observing natural grass from a distance you will notice that it is never simply one shade of green and that it is instead several different shades of green and even flecked with a light barley colour during the warmer months.

Other brands of artificial grass fail to account for this variation of colour in natural grass and are often nothing more than a sickly, one-tone bright green. The manufacturers of Royal Grass identified the varied palette scheme of artificial grass as being one of the key elements in the creation of artificial grass that successfully imitates the varied colour properties of natural grass.

For this reason, Royal Grass incorporates a variety of shades into its physical make up and offers an incredibly realistic representation of the different pigmentations that you would associate with natural grass.

Product Range

We stock four different varieties of Royal Grass, each of a varied thickness. Prices range from £20.34 per square metre (including VAT) to £28.80 per square metre (including VAT). Costing is dependent on the thickness of the fibres and the number of fibre threads that are weaved into the surface material.

We also offer the recommended lawn adhesive that is favoured for usage with bonding Royal Grass, as well as ground pins, stabilisation fabric and sand. Everything that you need to get the job done professionally.

Recommended Sellers

Royal Grass is only sold through retailers who are specifically approved by its manufacturer. Specifically, Royal Grass is only distributed to sellers who are recognised as having long-standing experience within the building supplies industry.

In short, Royal Grass is a quality product that is sold by quality retailers. You will note from our product range that we do not stock any other brands of artificial grass; this stands as a testament to our belief that Royal Grass is the highest quality brand of artificial grass available in the world.

Any Further Information

In addition to the materials and tools that you may need to complete your project, we at The Yorkshire Resin Company possess years of experience in all manner of driveway and landscaping installations.

We can advise tradesmen on every aspect of their proposed installation, including how to sufficiently prepare the ground for installing Royal Grass and information about matching synthetic grass with our range of resin driveway options.

If you require any further information about any aspect of the products and services we offer, then please feel free to contact us on 0113 4570 715 and our experienced team will gladly answer any enquiries that you may have.

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