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UV Stable vs NON-UV Stable Resin

UV Stable vs NON-UV Stable Resin - YRC Trade Resin

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With concrete, resin, tarmac and other options available when it comes to your driveway; it is not always easy to decide which one to go for. Many people will choose resin bond kits, and it is a good choice considering the advantages it has over the other types. Even when you have chosen resin, though, there are still more choices to make. One such choice is whether to choose resins that are UV stable or those that are not. Here’s a look at both options.


One of the first things people will consider is cost. Non-UV stable resin bound kits do cost less than UV stable resins, which would make them more appealing at first glance. As with many things, though, paying a higher price will give you access to a product with numerous advantages. Paying more upfront could also save you more in the long term!


One reason for choosing resin bond kits in the first place is their aesthetic appeal. There is more variety in what can be done, and they will also look as good as possible for longer! Despite this, though, non-UV stable resins can become discoloured when exposed to the sun’s rays. This may not always be particularly noticeable, except for when the colouring becomes inconsistent due to some parts of the driveway being protected from the sun’s rays.


While resin bound driveways are durable, not everything lasts forever. Non-UV stable resin bound kits use a resin that is strong, but this can cause it to become brittle. In time, this can cause it to crack, decreasing the driveway’s aesthetic appeal. The UV-stable resin, however, is far more flexible. This means it is not likely to become brittle, which also means it is not likely to crack.

Ease of Laying

Another advantage of UV stable resin bond kits is that they are easier to work with. It is easier to lay them, especially in difficult areas, which helps ensure a better quality and more aesthetically pleasing job is done. This alone could be a deciding factor for many people that want a driveway that looks good and remains in good condition for many years.

As is often the case, your budget is likely to play a deciding factor in which option to go for. While the non-UV stable option is still a very good choice in itself, the UV stable option offers some advantages and also better value for money overall.

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