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The Best Surfaces For Installing A Resin Bound System

The Best Surfaces For Installing A Resin Bound System - YRC Trade Resin

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Your customer has decided to opt for a resin bound system, but what types of surfaces are suitable for resin bound kits? Not all surfaces are appropriate and the last thing you want is an unhappy customer. To avoid potential disaster, check through our quick list below and discuss the options with your client.

Surfaces Suitable for Resin Bound Kits

1. Tarmac

Tarmac is often the most common type of surface that is already in place in the driveways of customers. This is great news for everyone as tarmac is a brilliant surface for resin bound kits. No tarmac in place? It’s pretty easy to install, making things easy even for those homes that don’t have a suitable surface already in place.

Tarmac is perhaps the most suitable base for the resin bound kits, along with concrete. The tarmac could be old or new, but new installations will require some time to settle. The tarmac itself needs to be of an adequate depth for the weight of the resin that will be installed on top.

2. Concrete

Concrete is another excellent sub-base for resin bound kits, but there may be some extensive prep work required. Existing concrete will need to be given a deep clean and polymer primed. Failing to prime the concrete will result in the resin failing to adhere to the surface. This will require replacing the entire resin later with a new one, and expensive and costly mistake to avoid.

3. Eco Grid

Eco grid systems are another sub base that will work with resin bound kits. This option is the least popular for good reason. The amount of resin that will be required to complete this job will be significantly more than the amount needed to place on top of concrete or tarmac sub bases. The cost is increased for the customer, making it a less popular option for some with tighter budgets.

Preventing Cracks

These three sub-bases will be suitable surfaces for installing a resin bound system. Resin bound is an excellent surface as it’s strong, durable and will last for decades. Cracks are uncommon, but they can occur if laid on incorrect surfaces or surfaces that are unsound. Ensure the sub-base is crack free and correctly prepared before installing the resin bound or resin bond kits.

You may be better off with a resin bond kit instead. We’re more than happy to talk through the differences, as well as the pros and cons, to find the right type of driveway for your home and preferences. Get in touch today or check out our exiting range of resin bound kits.

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