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Suitable Surfaces for Installing Resin Bound Aggregates

Suitable Surfaces for Installing Resin Bound Aggregates - YRC Trade Resin

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Resin driveways are growing in popularity with homeowners. This revolutionary material is a smart way of improving your kerb appeal, along with the value of your home and general usage of the driveway. When choosing a resin driveway, it’s vital to consider the suitability of the surface that is already in place. In most cases, this will become your sub-base for your resin installation – but only if your current surface is suitable.

To make things simpler, we have a list of surfaces that are suitable for installing resin bound aggregates below!

Tarmac and Resin Bound Kits

The most suitable surface for use with the resin bound kits and resin bound aggregates is tarmac. Thankfully, many homes have old tarmac driveways as it was once (and still is) a very common material choice. Resin is now preferred for many reasons and the tarmac is an ideal sub-base – so the perfect marriage of old and new!

Eco-Grid Driveway

One of the more expensive sub bases is the use of an eco-grid system. The eco grid will support the resin bound aggregates and it will result in an excellent finish, the same as tarmac. However, it is worth noting that this sub base will require additional amounts of resin bound material to get a good finish. This is therefore one of the more costlier options.

Concrete Sub Base

Concrete can also be the base for our resin bound aggregates, it’s also an excellent option. The concrete does need to be prepped, ensuring it is clean and primed using a polymer primer. Failing to prime the concrete correctly will result in the resin not sticking to the surface. The concrete must also not be fresh, with at least a 7-day space between the fresh concrete being laid and the resin driveway being installed.

Reasons to Choose Resin Bound Kits

Resin bound aggregates have quickly become the most popular choice for driveways and pathways for homeowners, along with commercial properties. The resin provides a perfect surface that is child friendly and suitable for the entire family. Resin bound kits are affordable and can be used with a good variety of sub-bases, making the installation easy and convenient for many homeowners.

We will help you to make the best choice and decision for your home. There are multiple colour options available. Talk to us if you have any questions about the suitability of your current surface for installing resin bound aggregates.

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