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Resin vs Gravel Driveways

Resin vs Gravel Driveways - YRC Trade Resin

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Do you work within the building trade? Are you specifically interested in establishing or further developing your driveway construction business? We here at Trade Resin can offer you help and advice every resin-surfaced step of the way! Whether you are using driveway aggregates or resin bond kits, we have a long-standing infrastructure in place to enable you to pass our high-quality materials and fair pricing on to your own customers.

Our dedicated team of specialists possess a wide-range of experience in assisting DIY enthusiasts, tradesmen and architects with getting their projects off the ground. We are well respected within the national resin trade and have continually grown and developed our business and our knowledge over the past fifteen years. Read on for more…

High-Quality Materials and High-Quality Advice

Painting, decorating and plastering are all endeavours within the means of any DIY enthusiast. But a project such as driveway renovation is often contracted out by the homeowner to a local business. Our business model is largely concentrated on two different methods of driveway renovation. The first method utilises driveway aggregates and the second method makes use of resin bond kits.

Driveway Aggregates

This is the simpler of the two methods and follows a general process of firstly removing any existing paving; preparing the bed; laying a landscape fabric; laying a base layer of gravel; spreading the sand and then laying a top layer of aggregate stones.

Due to the relative simplicity of these tasks, some homeowners often feel that they have enough confidence to carry out the installation themselves and driveway installation contractors rarely, if at all, make this their primary means of profit.

Resin Bond Kits

The resin bond kits that we offer will provide you with the primary materials that are necessary to successfully install a resin bound driveway. Our wide variety of resin bond kits include 3 or 4 different types of fine aggregate (1mm – 5mm); the required amount of sand for the suggested surface area coverage and two parts of the required amount of UV stable resin for the suggested surface area.

We favour to procure fine aggregate that is angular and not spherical. Our reasons for this are so that the quality of our products is reflected in the quality of the work that you intend to carry out for your customer base.

Our Driveway Aggregates

Pea gravel or rounded aggregate is not recommended for driveway installation due to it not bonding as well as angular gravel when mixed with resin. Similarly, larger driveway aggregates, of over 15mm in size, tend to not bond together as well as smaller, finer stones. Thus, you can be assured that all of our resin bond kits include aggregates of only the highest quality. This will enable you to create a beautiful, smooth finish in a variety of different stones and colours.

What Else Do We Offer?

In addition to the primary materials that you will need for resin driveway installation, we also sell a range of supporting materials such as string line, road pins and even kneepads. We also offer a market-leading, British Board of Agrément approved resin installation training course. This covers all aspects of installation techniques, allowing us to pass everything that we have learnt, from over 15 years within this industry, on to you.

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