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Resin vs Concrete

Resin vs Concrete - YRC Trade Resin

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There are several ways to boost the kerb appeal of a property, but a new driveway trumps most of them. Many homeowners inherit old concrete driveways, or worse, weed-infested block paving. Nothing says ‘I hate home maintenance’ more than a weed-infested driveway.

It looks awful and strongly suggests that you care little about your home. Neither is good! Resin and concrete are two of the most popular driveway materials. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.


Resin drives are made from aggregate mixed with resin. A resin drive needs to be laid by a professional installer. Concrete can be installed as a DIY project, but concrete sets quite quickly, especially in warm weather. So there is always a risk that you’ll end up with uneven sections.


With so many different aggregates to choose from, resin driveways are aesthetically pleasing in every way. You can select a colour and aggregate mix that matches your home, create patterns and designs, and personalise your drive to fit your taste. This is one of the reasons why resin is such a popular material for driveways.

Plain, no-frills concrete is fifty shades of grey. And not in the kinky way! It looks utilitarian and rather boring, but if you’re on a budget, that’s probably fine. Imprinted concrete looks more attractive, but it will be more expensive.


As long as your resin driveway is installed by a professional, you will enjoy many happy years of low maintenance. Weeds can’t grow through a resin driveway, so weeding is a thing of the past. To keep your resin driveway looking nice and attractive, sweep away leaves and organic matter and rinse dirt away with water.

Concrete drives usually need weeding regularly once cracks appear or weeds break through expansion gaps. Imprinted concrete driveways will need resealing every couple of years.

Water Permeability

Bonded resin driveways are water permeable, so you won’t have to look at pools of water when it rains. Resin-bound and concrete driveways will need a suitable drainage system installing before the driveway is laid. Concrete often leads to pooling no matter what you do with it!


Resin driveways are more expensive than concrete drives, even imprinted concrete, but they are low maintenance and will add value to your home. So you could end up saving money in the long-term.

Before making a final decision, consider what your budget is and what type of look you want for your home. Speak to some professional installers if you need more advice on installation and maintenance.

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