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Resin Bound Drives & The Heatwave - Friend Or Foe?

Resin Bound Drives & The Heatwave - Friend Or Foe? - YRC Trade Resin

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Good Lord! What has happened to the country this year?! England reaching the semi-finals (you read that right) of the World Cup and we’ve had a summer that you could actually call summer! The sales of disposable BBQs and cider has gone through the roof, with umbrellas simply left to rot with the memories of winter and spring. Is the end nigh? It may be safe to assume!

However, as wonderful as the summer has been, it has caused a series of problems. Hosepipe bans are coming into effect across the country, bananas may become extinct (again) and some driveways are really struggling to cope with the heat. Has the resin bound aggregates in your driveway taken a bashing? Read on to see if something can be done.

Driveway Aggregates and Sunshine

Resin bonded aggregates or resin bound aggregates have the potential to survive the heat, believe it or not! In fact, not only can they cope in times of extreme heat, but also in times of perilous cold weather, too.

When driveways experience extreme temperatures, whether it is high or low, there is something called cavitation within the surface. What this does is act as a filter for natural elements to travel through. For example, in times of extreme heat, the air will not settle on the surface but in fact travel through the cavitation gaps, so the driveway will not overheat and potentially crack.

The flip side to this is – in times of rainy weather – the rainwater will drain through those same cavitation gaps. This minimises the risk of puddles and possible ice settling on the surface. With this in mind, we’d say that resin bound driveways can be your best friend in the heat!

Potential Problems

One potential problem you could have is when it comes to the application of the driveway. Because of the extreme heat, the setting time could differentiate. So much so, that you could find yourself rushing to lay the remaining resin bound aggregates.

It is handy to have your resin mix ready to apply as and when it’s appropriate to install, so you do not risk having the mixture settle in the mixer. This delays the process and if you’ve been contracted to install a driveway within a certain time, you are responsible for keeping to that deadline.

Don\'t Sweat it!

The important thing to remember is don’t sweat about it! You’ll be doing enough of that as it is! The materials in the resin bonded aggregates, or resin bound aggregates, are extremely durable. Should you need a helping hand or a piece of wisdom, feel free to get in contact with us!

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