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Preventative Maintenance Tip for Your Resin Bound Driveway

Preventative Maintenance Tip for Your Resin Bound Driveway - YRC Trade Resin

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Why do we love resin bound driveways? They are so low maintenance! But when do we hate them?  When they’ve been badly or incorrectly laid. We’re always happy to offer advice on how to best install a resin bound driveway and here are the most common problems we encounter when called in to advise on ‘problem’ drives.

Appropriate Drainage

Resin bound material is permeable and is designed to let water soak away naturally. This helps to avoid areas of pooling and damp on your driveway. However, there are some instances where natural dips or slopes in a surface can appear; which is where water will tend to pool.

We recommend drains are fitted in appropriate places to help water flow away from areas more likely to be prone to this. This is true of any drive and a reliable resin bound contractor will always take this into account when surveying/installing your drive. Drainage should be a significant consideration in any preventative maintenance plan.

Environmental Disasters

Oil spills, and other nasty stains, can happen to the best of us. On concrete, paved or traditional gravel driveways you’ll find they can be a real pain to clear up. Certainly on paving if you don’t act fast – split second fast – you’re likely to be left with a reminder of the event for years to come.

We don’t think it’s likely to be one of those incidents you’ll look back and laugh at either! Resin bound driveways are, on the other hand, pretty easy to clean. Pressure washing quickly to remove the oil/grease will usually result in a good as new look. Regular cleaning is a form of preventative maintenance that will ensure your driveway is looking as good as always.

Patchy Bad Looks

If burning rubber is one of your favorite past times (or you have a teenager that won’t leave home but loves to damage the place) we’d generally recommend you don’t do handbrake turns on your lovingly laid driveway! However, if any area of your resin bound driveway does become victim to excessive wear and tear the good news is that we can replace a section very easily.

We can simply cut away the offending patch and relaying with the same material. The overall repair is usually more effective than with other materials and won’t leave you with that patchy look that other options can create. Again though, the best advice is to love your driveway and your driveway will love you back!

What Lies Beneath

Don’t agree to having a resin bound driveway laid over an existing block paved drive or flagged area.  In a relatively short space of time the outline of the flags will soon become visible again. Concrete bases are fine but should be professionally cleaned with a pressure washer and any weak or damaged areas should be repaired before the resin layer is laid. This ensures that the surface will perform at its best for many years to come.

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