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Jobs For The Winter

Jobs For The Winter - YRC Trade Resin

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It’s that time of year again, folks - the nights are drawing in, leaves are falling, and there is a distinct chill in the air. Winter is coming!

Here are some important jobs that you can complete to will ensure your driveway is ready for the colder months.

Go Resin!

Treat yourself to an early Christmas present with a resin bound driveway!

Whilst a resin bound driveway will offer year-round benefits, it is in the winter months when resin really comes into its own.

Winter is the time when traditional driveway surfaces can start to deteriorate. Water finds its way into concrete, and, without anywhere to escape, it freezes and then expands. The result, when the ice thaws, is a cracked, uneven surface - a costly eyesore, which will only get worse with time.

Not with resin! As well as being extremely durable, resin bound driveways are water-permeable - surface water won’t collect on the surface, reducing the risk of flooding and ice formation in the winter months. What’s more, resin provides a skid resistant, anti-slip surface - a key safety feature in icy conditions.

Have a Tidy-Up

As we move into winter, it makes sense to have a tidy-up of your driveway. Thankfully, unlike gravel or concrete, resin bound surfaces are straightforward to clean, requiring very little maintenance.

It’s simple with a resin bound driveway - simply sweep away any leaves, dirt and grime with a stiff broom. Follow up with an occasional power wash, if the driveway hasn’t been cleaned in some time.

Snow - No Problem

In the event of snow, use a plastic or rubber shovel to remove any snow that’s fallen on your driveway. With no loose stones, it’s a straightforward job, though we advise you not to use a metal shovel, which could damage the surface.

A resin bound driveway shouldn’t crack or suffer frost or UV damage, and will last through many winters with a few simple maintenance steps.

Bring Your Furniture Indoors

It isn’t just non-hardy plants that need protection from the cold - make sure to bring all of your outdoor furniture (particularly wooden furniture), and appliances such as barbeques, into a garage or shed in the winter months.

Furthermore, turn off any sprinkler systems and unplug garden hoses when not in use, to avoid damage when the temperatures drop.

A resin bound driveway from Yorkshire Resin Company will provide you with a hard-wearing surface that performs well in the winter, and will last for years. Go resin bound and get ready for the big freeze!

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