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Important Safety Tips for Your Resin Bound Driveway

Important Safety Tips for Your Resin Bound Driveway - YRC Trade Resin

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Most domestic driveways are fairly safe places but some are safer than others! Resin driveways have some distinct advantages over other more traditional surfaces but, even so, health and safety starts at home. However your driveway is surfaced, resin bound or otherwise, here our top tips for driveway safety.

Slip Ups

Always keep driveways clear of any kind of debris. Slippery substances such as oil, grease, water, ice, snow and fallen leaves can be dangerous. The latter can stop a train in its tracks so just think what they might do to you!

Resin driveways are, in fact, very well suited to ensuring drives are kept clear of some of these hazards. Their smooth finish makes sweeping a breeze and resin bound driveways help to let water soak away. Oil and grease can quickly be power-washed off, far more effectively than with many traditional surfaces.

Enjoy Your Trip, Not

Keep clutter to a minimum. Avoid leaving tools, cords or hoses lying around on your drive to minimise the risk of tripping or driving over them. Resin bound surfaces are extremely attractive so we think it’s likely you’ll want to keep them looking neat and tidy to bring out the best in them! 

Shine a Light

Resin bound or not, we always recommend good external lighting for your driveway. From security lights to solar powered path/drive-side lights – a well-lit drive or pathway will be far safer to use, particularly in the winter months. As resin bound driveways are an attractive feature in themselves – all year round – we like to think that throwing the spot light on them will also brighten up your home even at the dreariest time of year! 

Unsightly Lumps and Bumps

One of the most common problems we find with non-resin driveways are cracks, lumps and bumps that occur in various materials from paving stones to concrete surfaces. These should be fixed promptly to remove the risk of trips and falls. Resin bound drives are great solutions to avoiding these in the first place. Our techniques are designed to withstand heat and cold, staying smooth and trip free all year round. 

Access all Areas

We think that accessibility is important for everyone, not least around your home. Resin bound drives and paths are smooth, slip resistant surfaces that are great options for small kids and also for those with limited mobility/wheel chair users. They make the perfect easy access entrance to your home and, with minimal maintenance, can perform seamlessly for many years to come.

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