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How to Clean Your Baron Forced Action Mixer

How to Clean Your Baron Forced Action Mixer - YRC Trade Resin

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Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to clean your Baron forced action mixers, let us first applaud you for owning such a fine piece of equipment! If you have hired one out, or borrowed one from a friend/family member, cleaning it before returning it to the owner will be much appreciated.

As you probably already know, using resin mixers such as the M110, will give you the best chance of achieving a premium driveway. To maintain repetitive success with your mixer, making sure you clean it correctly and safely is imperative. Read on to find out how!


Ideally, you should be cleaning your mixer in-between mixes. This ensures any excess resin is removed before another batch is made, reducing the risk of collated aggregate sticking to the mixer. If this precaution isn’t taken, you could be in for a sticky cleaning session at the end of the day.

A quick solution, on first thought, may be to burn away the excess resin. We are here to tell you that proceeding with this step is incredibly dangerous to resin mixers and to your health. When you burn away the polyurethane within the resin mixture, it causes a release of toxic gasses such as nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide. Inhalation of these gasses are extremely dangerous, causing harm to your respiratory system.

Safe Cleaning During Installation

If you are cleaning the resin mixer in-between batches, your mixer’s trap door should always remain open. This removes the risk of it seizing up. Any potential aggregate resin can be removed with a sponge soaked in a white spirit such as white vinegar. Once you have completed this step, simply wipe clean with a dry cloth and away you go for the next mixture!

Safe Cleaning Post Installation

However, if you’re cleaning your resin mixer post-installation, it will take slightly longer to complete the job. Before any resin sets within the mixer, simply pour a bag of dry gravel into the mixer, adding a litre of high boiling point solvent to ensure a clean finish.

These ingredients should remain in the mixer for approximately 10 minutes. When you have finished, empty the mixer’s drum and dispose of the gravel safely and legally. Double check that there is no aggregate left over, although this can now be removed with a wire brush. Once you have completed these steps, simply leave the mixer’s trap door open, so the mixer can dry naturally.

Forced Action Mixers - Any Questions?

If you have any questions about cleaning your mixer, you can always get in touch with us here at YRC Trade Resin. Give us a call on 0113 4570 715 today and let’s see if we can help you.

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