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How To Clean Resin Bound surfaces

How To Clean Resin Bound surfaces - YRC Trade Resin

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Smooth, sophisticated, clean and naturally attractive; no, we’re not talking about our driveway installers! Though we do pride ourselves on our good looks and professionalism – we’re talking about resin bound driveways! Amongst their many attractive qualities – again, the driveways – you’ll find that their low maintenance natures – definitely the driveways – are one of their most attractive assets.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance they beat nearly every other surface that we can think of, hands down. 

Brush Overs

Resin bound surfaces are pretty resistant to build of water, algae and dirt in general but, at certain times of year, plant and leaf debris may well build up. Autumn and winter are, of course, the worst times but resin bound drives and pathways are pretty much a push over (with a brush) when it comes to a clean-up.

Keeping debris swept out of the way is always good with any surface but on resin, thanks to its smooth finish, the job should be a quick and simple one. Unlike flags or block paving there simply aren’t the nooks and crannies for this kind of debris to build up in, or to make the job of sweeping them away more difficult.

A regular sweep and wash down with a standard hose pipe will be more than enough to keep those good looks looking great. 

Feeling the Pressure

Pressure washing is also the other great way to keep your resin bound surfaces looking fine and fantastic. Once or twice a year – or on-demand if particular areas of dirt have built up. DIY pressure washing is simple if you have the kit and, to remove those stubborn stains such as grease or oil, you can add a little household detergent to the mix. 

Stubborn Stains?

For stubborn stains such as tire marks – though our resin bound drives will resist the worst of these – a small scrubbing brush and, again, detergent can be used to quickly scrub away the worst of these.  Whenever you use detergent remember that resin bound drives are porous. So always consider the environment and use a suitable, safe and environmentally friendly product to clean your resin bound drive way. 

Looks that Last

When it comes to maintenance we hope you’ll agree that maintaining the stunning good looks and attractive nature of your resin bound drive way will be far easier and less time consuming than other materials.

Simple, easy to clean and maintain; the approach to your home will continue to outshine and outperform other materials for many years to come!

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