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How is a Resin Bound Systems Mixed?

How is a Resin Bound Systems Mixed? - YRC Trade Resin

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Mixing resins in order to make the components of your new driveway is completed with the use of a force action mixer. Combine this tool with ingredients (such as your resin and your aggregate material) and you have your resin bound kits ready to go.

There are a few things to remember prior to mixing, such as the importance of not taking shortcuts. The mixing stage is the most crucial stage of the driveway installation stage. Cut corners and you will have a second-rate driveway. That being said, let’s see exactly how it’s mixed!

Either Resin Bound Kits or Resin Bond Kits

As aforementioned above, you need appropriate driveway kits before starting anything. So give yourself a mental checklist of your mixer, your aggregate, your resin and your tools for pre and post installation. You want to make sure you have everything accessible so as not to delay the process any longer.

When mixing resins together, you want to ensure that every possible bit of resin is used, this guarantees a smooth and even mixture to be added to the aggregate. A good way to check this is by dipping your mixing drill to the bottom of the pot and lift it back out. If the resin on the drill is a consistent colour, your resins are properly mixed!

Important Roles to Play

When it comes to laying a driveway, there should be three people in your installation team. Below are the people required and what role they play in the process.

  • The Mixer – This person is responsible for the mixing of the resin and aggregate using a force action mixer. Using 25kg bags, the stone is added to the mixer before the mixed resin is added afterwards. Once this step has been completed, sand is added to the mixer to finish off the compound. The Mixer is responsible for accurately timing the duration of each mix to ensure there is no colour variation.
  • The Luter – This person will then empty the completed mix from the force action mixer into a lined barrow. They will then carefully judge the correct amounts of mixture to apply between the batons, before spreading evenly with a lute.
  • The Troweller – This person ensures that the mixture applied is even and level, using a spirit level as a guide. They will then trowel the mix until all aspects of the mixture stop moving fluidly and begin to solidify.

Sound Complicated?

After reading this, does the idea of laying your driveway sound complex? Do you not have the appropriate resin bound kits/resin bond kits to complete the job? We here at Trade Resin can give you a helping hand by advising you or even completing the job for you! Get in touch today!

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