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How Durable Are Resin Driveways?

How Durable Are Resin Driveways? - YRC Trade Resin

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Pretty much every type of driveway has its problems, from cracked concrete to torn up tarmac. All the way to gravel that gravitates away from where it’s supposed to be! In recent years a new alternative has become widely available in the UK in the form of resin aggregate driveways. Hard-wearing, water resistant and attractive, the vital statistics of a resin drive make it an increasingly popular option for homeowners.

Resin Drive, Aesthetics and Utility

Concrete and tarmac driveways are fairly common in the UK but are usually the least attractive options. Both have an industrial and utilitarian feel that doesn\'t work well for most homes, where functionality and aesthetics are both important factors.

A resin drive combines hard-wearing functionality alongside sheer, sophisticated good looks. Constructed with aggregates (gravel), mixed with resin, they offer a huge range of colour, style and pattern options that gravel does; but without the movement that aggregates alone are prone to. Bound or bonded with resin aggregates create a solid, extremely hard-wearing surface that suffers less when exposed to both the elements and day-to-day use.

Strong Stuff?

Concrete, tarmac and gravel are all adversely affected by the weather and, let\'s face it, we get a lot of that in the UK. From long and hot (tarmac melting) summer days to concrete cracking cold snaps, the UK\'s variable climate can certainly take its toll. Heavy rain can also impact on traditional gravel surfaces, lifting the ground or simply washing gravel off into your decorative borders.

Resin, compared to these other types of materials, is extremely durable under even the most exciting conditions the weather can throw at us!

Getting a Grip

Rain isn\'t generally a problem for well-maintained concrete or tarmac surfaces – unless they\'ve become damaged in some way. Even small cracks or worn areas will soon be damaged by rain, causing further degradation in the surface and, when not dealt with quickly, they can soon become a real (and costly) problem.

Tarmac, laid badly or unevenly can, also lead to areas of \'localised\' flooding, which may not do a great deal of damage but can be very inconvenient indeed. Resin driveways are constructed in a way which allows water to seep through the surface and drain away into the ground. In cold conditions the materials used in a resin drive also mean that it\'s easy to get – and keep – a grip on the ground, helping to avoid those winter blues and broken bones!

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