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Choosing the Best Aggregate for Home Driveways

Choosing the Best Aggregate for Home Driveways - YRC Trade Resin

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Your driveway is probably the first thing most people see when they pull up outside your home. Kerb appeal matters, so if your driveway is infested with weeds or has seen better days, we recommend you replace it with a new one.

Aggregates are a popular option for driveways. Gravel, stone chips, and slate are easy to lay, relatively inexpensive, and low maintenance. When mixed with resin, aggregates are hard wearing and very attractive. We are often asked about the pros and cons of different aggregates, so to help you choose the most suitable aggregate for your driveway, here is a quick buyer’s guide.

Different Types of Aggregate

High-quality aggregates bound with resin produce a strong, attractive surface for a driveway or path. Aggregates are available in a wide range of different colours and coarseness.


  •       Quartz is perfect for strong, deep surfaces, as it’s very tough and durable. Quartz is available in varied sizes, but if you mix them up, you can achieve a nice, decorative finish.


  •       Pea gravel is, as the name suggests, small gravel the size of a pea. Like quartz, pea gravel is available in a range of assorted colours and grades. Pea gravel can be used on its own, bound with resin, or used to infill around larger gravel finishes.


  •       Bauxite is durable and very hard wearing, as well as being attractive. Its anti-skid properties make it an excellent aggregate for driveways, particularly sloping driveways.


  •       Granite is tough and decorative. It looks great on urban driveways and is available in many different colours.


  •       Marble is often used as a filler between other aggregate mixes. It can also be mixed in to add extra sparkle to your driveway.


Plain or Patterned

The great thing about having such a wide choice of driveway aggregates is that you can create a highly decorative finish. All aggregates are decorative when mixed with resin, as the resin enhances the natural colour of the stone. Mix and match different colours to create a finish that matches your brickwork or overall style of the property. Resin bound aggregates can be used to create patterns and detailing that is impossible to achieve with other driveway finishes.

Get Creative!

Our advice is to play around with some samples when designing the perfect driveway. Sketch out your design and see how it looks on paper. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours!

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