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A workman is only as good as his tools. Here are some of our essentials

A workman is only as good as his tools. Here are some of our essentials - YRC Trade Resin

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OK, so we all know it’s only those bad workman that go around blaming their tools – you had the wrong drill? Yeah, right! However, when it comes to new products and techniques, finding the right kit for the job can make a real difference. Resin bound surfacing is one of those relatively new techniques in the UK and Ireland and, for installers, it’s been something of a learning curve. Finding the right tools for this particular job is essential to ensure the perfect finish and smiles all round from your clients.

Knowledge is Power

Finding the right aggregates is similar to a ‘how long is a piece of string’ exercise. This comes down to what your client wants and there is a vast range of options when it comes to colours and grades. Researching what’s available and using a supplier that can quickly supply the widest range is essential.

Different colours or grades of aggregate can be used to create different patterns using either colour or texture. Brush up on your knowledge before taking on clients, is our advice here. Knowledge is power in this case and knowing your stuff will inspire confidence in your potential customers.

The Right Resin Bound Kits

When it comes to resin bound kits only the best will do. Industry grade resins should be used to create the strongest possible surface. Resin bound surfaces are usually subjected to some pretty serious traffic, so the strongest resins will be needed. Given the decorative nature of resin bound surfaces you’ll also want to pick the best in terms of appearance over longer periods of time. Resin bound kits that don’t fade or discolour should be your go-to-choice.

Fast Acting Solutions

For anybody who works outdoors most of the time, the British climate is a source of constant fascination, hilarity and frustration. During the winter months, finding a weather-window for some jobs can be ‘challenging’ – other words are available but we’ll leave those to your imagination!

One of the real beauties of resin bound surfacing is that it can – for small to medium areas – be a relatively quick job. Using the right resin mixers and/or accelerators is one crucial trick at this time of year. Speeding up the curing time has obvious advantages; in winter it can mean the difference between a successful job or a lot of frustration for you and your client.

Along with high quality resin mixers a good primer will help to seal the surface and ensure rapid adhesion. Again, quality is the key here, so sourcing all your supplies from knowledgeable traders is one old trick that works with this new material!

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