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7 Tips For Cleaning a Resin Driveway

7 Tips For Cleaning a Resin Driveway - YRC Trade Resin

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One thing our team is used to hearing from our customers is that they love how low-maintenance a new resin driveway is. It’s true – a resin driveway really doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance at all in order to remain durable, whilst also looking stunning. It’s a good idea to keep a new driveway clean and tidy though, not only to make a great first impression on visitors to your home; but also to prevent problems with it in future. With that in mind, we’ve come up with 7 handy tips for cleaning a resin driveway!

#1 Bye-Bye Tyre Marks

If visitors have (heaven forbid) left unsightly tyre marks on a new driveway, don’t panic! It’s easy to remove these by gently wiping the marks with a cloth soaked in some white spirit.

#2 Sweep Away Leaves

Wet leaves, dirt and other debris can build up on a driveway, but a quick sweep with a stiff brush on a regular basis keeps it in tip-top shape.

#3 Hose it Down

Once the driveway is thoroughly swept, grab the garden hose and hose down the surface with clean water to remove dirt, debris and anything else that’s built-up on the surface.

#4 Call in the Experts

Perhaps you don’t fancy being outside in the cold during the winter months, sweeping and hosing down your driveway. Or maybe you just want an even easier way to keep your new resin driveway looking great. Schedule an annual or bi-annual power wash and your driveway will be hosed down with pressurised water; blasting away leaves, dirt and debris and leaving it looking as good as new!

#5 No More Oil Marks

An oil spillage or leak on a driveway is not only unsightly, it can be a slipping hazard too. It’s pretty easy to remove oil marks. Just use a little household detergent and some warm water to gently wipe away the stain.

#6 Eliminate Problem Weeds

Here at YRC Trade Resin, we always recommend for new resin aggregate driveways are installed to manufacturer\'s specification. This ensures that weeds are eliminated before installation takes place. In the unlikely event that problem weeds re-appear, you can use some weed killer to wave bye-bye to them!

#7 No More Gum

Owners of paved and concrete drives find removing chewing gum a headache, but with a resin driveway, it really couldn’t be easier. We recommend spraying the offending gum with some freezing spray, waiting until it hardens, then gently remove it with a paint/wallpaper scraper. We’re proud of how easy it is to maintain our stunning resin driveways, and we hope you’ll agree. We also hope these handy tips will ensure your new driveway stays looking like new, all year round.

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