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3 Things To Do To Prepare A Resin Surface

3 Things To Do To Prepare A Resin Surface - YRC Trade Resin

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Driveways made of epoxy-based materials such as resin can add style to your property at an inexpensive cost. Resin driveway surfaces do require an extra bit of care, but standard maintenance makes for fun DIY projects. Our resin bond kits are simple to use, and results are guaranteed to be long-lasting. We have made things even easier for customers by detailing the three simple steps required to prepare a resin surface.

1. Clear Away all Direct and Loose Debris

Naturally, resin driveways, walkways, and other surfaces are going to contain some superficial dirt. We recommend using a hose, a leaf blower or a simple push broom to get rid of all visible debris before moving on. While cleaning, take a close look at your resin surface and make a note of all imperfections. Having a clean surface will make the remainder of the process when using resin bond kits a snap.

2. Dry Resin Surfaces Thoroughly

After all the dirt has been cleared away, the next part of the process requires heat. If only a small portion of resin is going to be repaired, then a hair dryer works wonderfully. Commercial heat lamps and large air dryers are necessary when smaller areas have to be dried before using resin bond kits. In any case, we know that it won’t take too long for the resin surface to become completely dry regardless of the method used.

3. Prep with Sandpaper Before Using Resin Bond Kits

The last step we are going to cover is the sanding process. If the entire driveway requires resin bonding, it is best to just use a sandgun. Remember that the surface has to feel rough to the touch in order to get the product to bond properly. Although sandblasting a driveway can be loads of fun, we must encourage customers to think of safety first. The proper protective gear, including goggles, a jumper, a full-face mask, and gloves should absolutely be worn during this part of the process.

A resin surface can be prepared and then treated in less than a day if you follow these steps we have laid out in detail. Work slowly, taking care during each step and your results will be picture perfect. We offer resin bonding kits in various quantities, so you can purchase the precise amount necessary for your DIY project.

Get ready to enjoy a beautiful driveway that costs less than traditional concrete. Buy resin bond kits from us for all your outdoor residential paving needs today!

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