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3 Reasons You Should Use Baron Forced Action Mixers

3 Reasons You Should Use Baron Forced Action Mixers - YRC Trade Resin

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Using the right tools is crucial to completing a DIY project successfully. Installing a driveway is no different. One piece of equipment we highly recommend you use is the Baron Forced Action Mixer. Available to either buy or hire, this tool will get your new driveway looking fresh in no time.

With this in mind, here’s a handy set of reasons that the Baron Forced Action Mixer is perfect for your driveway installation.

User Friendly

It takes a lot of the pressure and frustration off your shoulders if you use equipment that is user friendly. The Baron Mixer is a one-man lift and is incredibly portable. This means you can relocate it anywhere on site with no fuss whatsoever.

Strong and Stable Resin Mixers

Don’t worry, we’re not about to start getting political now. But the M110 Mixer is incredibly robust, which provides good value for money. The very least you want out of your resin mixers is one that can sustain longevity of use, without malfunctioning. If you have a decent sized drive, this could be the difference between a high quality finish and a half-hearted attempt.

With no sharp edges and an easily accessible emergency stop button, you have all the features you could possibly need. These include a 110L capacity, heavy-duty steel blades (standard issue) and durable framework. All in all, a pretty solid piece of equipment!

Easy to Clean

Whether you’re cleaning your resin mixers during installation or after, it is incredibly easy to do so. First let’s look at cleaning post-installation. Don’t allow any resin to settle in the mixer, so pour a bag of dry gravel in and add about a litre of high boiling point solvent. This ensures a thoroughly clean finish. Leave the mixture in for around 10 minutes, give or take.

Once your timer pings, just pour out the mixture in a safe place which can’t be accessed by children or pets. Think of the planet, too! Once the drum is empty, just leave the trap door open so the mixer can dry naturally.

If you’re cleaning mid-installation, it is important to keep the trap door open at all times. Any aggregate resin can be removed by soaking a sponge in a white spirit, e.g. white vinegar. Wipe the chemical away with a dry cloth and you’re ready to go for your next batch!

If you want more information about your Baron mixer, get in touch with the team here at Trade Resin, we’re happy to help!

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