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Soft Play, Rubber Crumb & Rubber Bark - Which is the safest for play areas?

Soft Play, Rubber Crumb & Rubber Bark - Which is the safest for play areas?

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When you are in the business of installing and sealing soft surfaces for play areas, you know that any surface isn’t safe if it isn’t installed/sealed properly and kept in good repair. As simple as that sounds, that’s the bottom line. Here at Trade Resin, we know the controversy that has arisen in the past few years over the types of surfacing commonly used on play areas, and so we have worked hard to address those issues.

Our Commitment to the Safety of Our Children

Because of our commitment to the children in our communities, we are often called upon by resin installers to seal and power clean cushioned play surfaces in our service areas. Each of these surfaces has its advantages, but each has definite limitations as well if not installed and maintained well. In order to better understand which is safest, it’s perhaps best to understand why safety is a concern. They are all soft surfaces, after all, aren’t they? That’s not the problem as we see it!

Why Parents Take Issue with Soft Play Surfacing

Each of these surfaces is comprised of recycled rubber tyres and herein lies the controversy. Parents are concerned that toxins from those tyres may present health problems for their children both now and in the future. Rubber crumb surfacing needn’t concern you if it is sealed properly upon completion and then washed appropriately and regularly as time goes on.

Resin installers often call upon our professionals for both services because we know the importance of keeping dirt from building up in crevices and how to wash that surface without disturbing the integrity of the sealant. As sealing experts, we understand just how critical this is.

Maintaining Safe Play Areas

The whole purpose of a soft surfacing play area is to minimise impact when children trip or fall. However, if there is any reason for concern of chemicals leaching from those recycled tyres, that negates many of the benefits of that soft surface. Rubber crumb surfacing or soft play surfacing can be 100% safe if properly sealed and maintained with the right power wash for that particular surface.

From that initial sealing, after the surface is laid to resealing soft play surfaces, maintenance is the key to children’s safety. We can work together to keep our children safe from injury as well as from potential hazards. It’s all about proper sealing and care for those soft play rubber crumb and rubber bark surfaces. Talk to us some more about it, we’d love to answer any of your queries!

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